Your Majesty

Blush Jewels

Distilling the essence of the brand ahead of international expansion.

Blush Jewels, an Amsterdam-founded gold jewelry brand sought Your Majesty’s expertise to lead its brand transformation and go-to-market strategy to take on the German market.
To inform this brand positioning we conducted in-depth interviews and garnered insights into women’s perceptions of jewelry and their shopping behaviors.
Our observations led us to distil the essence of the company and bring it to life in one clear statement — Real gold for every feeling.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Concept
  • Go-to-market Strategy

Blush Jewels is an Amsterdam-founded gold jewelry brand sold by more than 300 jewelers in Europe.

Your Majesty was selected to lead the brand transformation of the 8-year-old brand, starting with its brand strategy and a go-to-market strategy for the German market.

We helped Blush uncover and define its brand core which encourages women to wear their Blush.

Empowering women to wear their Blush

Via in-depth interviews with potential customers, our team discovered a consumer need for story-driven products that are both stylistically and financially accessible.

With this insight, we anchored Blush to its design accessibility and the strength of embracing vulnerability.

Crafting the right positioning statement

To define the expansion plan into the German market, we launched a market-specific survey to better understand consumers’ perceptions of jewelry and shopping behaviors.

In analyzing the responses, we sharply defined the two customer groups and six communication barriers that the brand needs to overcome. These barriers became the foundation of the go-to-market communication plan and inspired Blush’ new market positioning:

Real gold for every feeling.

Blush’s brand identity is glowing and noticeable, not overtly flashing.

Your Majesty enabled us to truly understand our customer’s thoughts. They captured the essence of our company and brought it to life by focussing on what truly drives people to purchase jewelry—resulting in a tight collaboration that shaped our new strategy.

Chagai Goldstof

Chagai Goldstof

CEO, Blush Jewels

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