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Adding play to space with Dutch interior design.


Since its inception in 1968, POLSPOTTEN has designed creations that are imbued with humor, vibrancy, audacity, and an appreciation for traditional crafts from around the world. Your Majesty worked with the Dutch home decor company, to transform its brand during a private equity acquisition.

Research insights helped us reposition POLSPOTTEN as a brand that ‘plays’ and an interior company that adds play to space. The new visual identity supports this positioning with a design system that mixes and matches basic shapes and vibrant colors into branded assets.
With its new, scalable brand and visual identity system, POLSPOTTEN has seamlessly expanded its brand across Europe and North America, ensuring a coherent look and feel across all brand and marketing touch points.

POLSPOTTEN is on a mission to amplify and extend its fun and daring attitudes to homes and spaces worldwide.


In 1968, POLSPOTTEN was born out of its founder’s worldly, intuitive, and free spirit.

Ever since, the teams behind the brand have continued to elevate the company into iconic status through creations imbued with humor, vibrancy, audacity, and an appreciation for traditional crafts worldwide.

We were tasked with distilling the company’s design ethos into a single-minded brand proposition and executing its transformation. Therefore, our team carried out a series of brand and creative workshops at POLSPOTTEN HQ.

Adding play to space

From interviewing employees and current and prospective customers, we learned that what makes POLSPOTTEN unique is the brand’s relentless pursuit of newness and fun.

In an interior market filled with performance-optimizing aesthetics, they can be the brand that dares never to meet expectations and be immersed in having fun through and with their creations.

We, therefore, positioned POLSPOTTEN as the brand that plays and an interior company that adds play to space.

Modernizing an iconic mark

The old brand logo is made of two separate words, “Pols’ Potten,” which dates back to when the business started selling pots in the back of Erik Pols’ car.

As the brand and its stencil-based logo became an international player with an ever-expanding product line, it was time for Pols’ Potten to evolve from its past and become an iconic name that can stand on its own.

The new one-word logo POLSPOTTEN takes inspiration from its stencil precursor while refining the thickness to evoke a new sense of elegance and improve legibility.

Mixing, matching, creating

With ‘Play’ at the core of POLSPOTTEN’s new expression, our visual identity introduces a design system that reflects the idea of mixing and matching basic shapes and vibrant colors into branded assets.

While the primary color layer gives the brand its timelessness, the secondary and tertiary layers help create an expressive and playful world of POLSPOTTEN.

From 11 basic shapes and a wide range of colors, POLSPOTTEN teams can create infinite ‘Fused Shapes.’ These combined shapes can be used as non-photographic assets for various touchpoints, such as Instagram posts, profiles, posters, and site animations.

Outcome: A new era of play

After our project, we were delighted to join the POLSPOTTEN leadership team on stage to present the new brand strategy and identity to the entire organization, which both excited and united the team’s spirit.

The brand strategy has since informed all of POLSPOTTEN’s brand expansion, from store interiors to its growing Salesforce Commerce Cloud-powered e-commerce platform.

Container shapes are used to present photography. The basic shapes can be adjusted (stretched, scaled, or rotated) to either fit the content while adding an extra layer of fun.

The new POLSPOTTEN website breaks rigid structure of mainstream E-commerce templates and is filled with colors and micro-interactions that delight their fun-seeking visitors and clients.

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