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An award-winning campaign to launch SquidGame:The Challenge.

To promote Netflix’s "Squid Game: The Challenge," BBH NYC launched the 'Price of Morals' campaign, exploring the cost at which Americans might compromise their ethics. Your Majesty was asked to create the campaign’s online hub, to gather survey results and present its findings.
We created an immersive microsite that uses quirky and intuitive interactions that was based on the show’s iconic style.
The campaign successfully sent Squid Game: The Challenge to Netflix’s number #1 in the US and globally for six straight weeks. The campaign also received countless awards, including a Webby Award for 'Best use of data-driven media."
  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive Art Direction
  • Campaign Website
  • Motion Graphics

'Price of Morals' video case study.

The challenge within the challenge

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality competition based on Squid Game, the Netflix show released in 2021 to critical acclaim and commercial success. There was just one problem... fans who loved the life or death stakes of the original, or its criticisms of capitalism, wanted nothing to do with it.

How do you promote a spin-off when the show’s biggest fans despise the idea of it?

“The Price of Morals”

Ahead of the show's launch, Your Majesty worked with BBH New York on an integrated campaign—“The Price of Morals”.

BBH found the average “price” for nearly 50 immoral acts by conducting a nationwide study. From the slightly rude—peeing in a hotel pool—to the downright unthinkable—objecting at your best friend’s wedding—it turns out everyone has a price.

These insights, plus interviews with people in New York informed the content for the social media and out-of-home assets to create a buzz in the lead-up to the show’s release.

Users can scan the QR codes on the out of the home to access the interactive site.

Sprinting to the spectrum of morality

In fast-paced sprints, we partnered with the BBH over just a few weeks to design and build the Price of Morals website. Whilst it was initially intended to be an iFrame experience hosted on Netflix’s fan site Tudum, both agency teams encouraged Netflix to give fans a more engaging experience through a stand-alone interactive microsite.

The campaign site enables visitors to explore the survey data and take a quiz that places them on the spectrum of morality.

Whilst the creative direction was aligned with the show’s branding, we designed and animated multiple interactive elements and transitions across the site, to offer users a fun, immersive experience.

Ahead of the launch, our development team worked to integrate the unique interactive features and all feedback. Once live, each out-of-home execution featured a QR code that led the public to explore the site and engage with the experience.



Webby Award Winner


Bronze, Clio Awards 2024


Nominees in One Show, 2024


Netflix Show, US & Global


In the Netflix top 10, US & Global


Original Squid Game returned to the top list.

What’s the price of your morals?

Take the quiz and explore the data.

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