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Solving a sneaker brand’s “identity crisis” by focusing on its creators.


Garrixon is a sneaker-making workshop on a mission to create a more democratized sneaker community. In 2021, they introduced a product that allowed independent creators to build their own limited-edition sneakers. To support the release, Your Majesty was tasked with redefining the brand strategy and visual identity.

Through a series of in-depth interviews, diversity emerged as the key driving force for creativity in the sneaker world. Thus we saw an opportunity to uniquely establish Garrixon’s presence as a company that genuinely contributes to the sneaker community, leading us to the positioning "Made for Makers.”
We designed a versatile visual identity that embodies the vision of each individual creator and developed a design system rooted in the Garrixon logo. This empowers others to express themselves creatively while maintaining the essence of the Garrixon brand.
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Design System

Garrixon is a Philadelphia-based sneaker-making workshop.

By offering one-off customisation and sneaker reconstruction, Garrixon is on a mission to create a more democratised sneaker community.

Collaboration is at the core of what Garrixon do: they enable and empower the creativity of others. As a result, all of Garrixon's products and services are designed to serve others.

In 2021, they decided to take this collaborative commitment one step further and expanded their product offering to better enable independent creators to dream up, create, and build their own limited edition sneakers.

Your Majesty led them through this expansion by creating a refined brand strategy and visual identity.

Empowering those that power sneaker culture

As part of our strategic process, we talked with employees, clients, and independent creators. The one unifying theme from these conversations was diversity. Diversity is perceived as the ultimate driver for creativity in the sneaker world, which can feel constricted by pre-defined silhouettes dictated by conglomerates.

We saw this conflict as a unique opportunity for Garrixon. They had the potential to push back against the industry norm and facilitate the creativity the fans craved, enabling Garrixon to carve their own niche while genuinely contributing to the sneaker community.

Based on our learnings, we developed the following strategic positioning:

"Made for Makers"

GARRIXON exists to encourage everyone with an idea to become a sneaker Maker and tell their story on their own terms—to create a more open, diverse, and creative sneaker community.

A distinct design system that changes with the Makers it serves

As a brand that was Made for Makers, we needed a visual identity that was strong enough to stand on its own but flexible enough to hold the vision of its Maker.

We created a design system inspired by the Garrixon logo to enable the creative expression of others while staying true to the Garrixon brand.

This design system was built to work across every channel Garrixon appeared in, whether conversion-driven e-commerce or community-driven social media.


01. Brand transformation, repositioning and strategy.

02. Verstile visual identity and design system.

03. Solved Garrixon's 'identity crisis'.

Through a series of interviews and creative exercises, Your Majesty cut through the idea fog and produced ‘Made for Makers.’ They were creative, detailed, and extremely fun to work with. Your Majesty solved our ‘identity crisis,’ and we recommend them highly.

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