Kaat joins Your Majesty as Marketing Squire

Mar 26, 2021
Pursuing a second bachelor’s in International Business after graduating in Communication, Kaat is a lover of lifelong learning.

After living in vibrant cities such as Antwerp, Berlin, and Ghent, Kaat chose Amsterdam to be next in line to develop her skills. She joins Your Majesty as our Knighthood's Marketing Squire. With a background in Public Relations and a passion for all things brand-related, she is on the mission to help companies increase their awareness among the right audiences. To evolve into a digital marketeer, she questions the status quo.

Her enthusiastic approach is a thread along this journey: the more things to explore, the merrier.

As the Social Media & PR Assistant for Women Authors of Achievement Podcast, she smiths words around the clock and helps portray some of the most remarkable women of today.